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 West Central Wisconsin Edition, 2002

Article Written By Beverly Bergeson

 Madison Homes, Inc.

Quality Features at an Affordable Price

When our "Builder of the month"  was asked the question, "What brings you your greatest satisfaction as a home builder?," a very simple, direct response was given.  "Helping people get into a quality home."  He goes on to say, "Whether it's their first or  final home, enabling people to go through the process from site selection to design to the completion of their home - that is exciting."

This University of Wisconsin graduate and former Big Ten football and track player has a knack for tackling complicated scenarios and verbally crystallizing them into meaningful segments.  When he speaks, he leaves little room for misunderstanding.  How fortunate for his clients and co-workers.


Open dinette and great room. Photo by Wm. Nieman Photograph.



Jim Bourne grew up in Milwaukee.  As a youth, he was fascinated by machines and power tools.  He enjoyed taking things apart and reconstructing them.  When he came to the University of Wisconsin, he had two goals: to get a good solid education and to make a contribution to Badger athletics.  He succeeded at both.  He played tight end for the Badgers, where he learned discipline and a great work ethic.  He learned the importance of doing a job from start to finish, no matter how difficult the road was to get there.  These are lessons he's still using today.


He also found an educational program that fit him to a "T".  It was titled Construction Administration.  It had all of the components that he liked: business, engineering and construction.  As a part of the curriculum, he served a one- to three- week "hands on" internship in each of the supporting trade areas: electrical, plumbing, heating, carpentry, roofing and siding, under one of Madison's top builders, Dave Crocker.  After graduation, he was fortunate to continue working with the same company, gaining knowledge and learning all facets of the home building industry.  After working with this company for nine years as Construction Manager, then Chief Operating Officer, he reached the point where he wanted to branch out on his own.  Building the most homes would not be his goal, but building the best would.  He teamed up with Ted Purtell, an experienced broker/developer from Milwaukee.  This arrangement gave them the opportunity to build homes from both the sales and construction perspective.



Contemporary kitchen with granite tops and back splash. Photo by Wm. Nieman Photograph.



Formal dining room with built-in serving. Photo by Wm. Nieman Photography.



This team has just completed what Jim feels is their biggest accomplishment so far: their first subdivision, from start to finish.  They purchased the land, handled all development details, installed all the infrastructure, designed and constructed all the homes.  This was a six-month project, with the last of 15 homes in the final stages.  Jim comments, "We are working right now in several subdivisions.  In fact, we have just purchased a large parcel that should hold lots for several years.  We've also developed a market in the Reedsburg area for great affordable housing.  We've just completed our fifteenth home there and are due to start some more."  Madison Homes, Inc. will build approximately 40 homes this year.


Crown molding and wood-edged countertops add to kitchen.  Photo by Wm. Nieman Photography.


Jim has recently formed another  broker/developer/builder team with Tony Heinrichs, called Paramont Homes.  They are currently building homes in Fitchburg, Madison and Verona, and will soon be in Mount Horeb, Oregon and Sun Prairie.  Paramount Homes will build approximately 40 new homes this year.


Unique exterior with stucco and fiber cement siding.  Photo by Wm. Nieman Photography.


Large windows allow for great lighting throughout the home. 

Photo by Wm. Nieman Photography. 


Some of Jim Bourne's basic principles are: "I treat every home like it is my own.  I oversee all the construction by going through each project on a regular basis.  This is how I'm able to maintain the quality of construction that we do.  I don't ask the subs to do something I can't do myself.  In order to supervise, you have to understand all areas of the building process.  This way, when you see a problem, you can solve it right on the spot."  Jim concludes with, "Working with quality craftsmen is of utmost importance in ending up with a quality product.  To ensure this, I strive to bring together only those who are the best in their fields.  One of the most effective techniques in running an efficient job is making sure the subs have all the pertinent information they will need before the job is started.  Communication is the key.  They all know and support the concept.  Do it right the first time.  I have contracts galore, but some of my best relationships with my subs are a handshake and an agreement.  I honor my word throughout the area.  After I negotiate a price or a condition, I stand behind it 100 percent.  Also, I realize how important it is for my subs and suppliers to be paid on a timely basis:  bills in by the 8th, paid on the 10th.  I have a two-day turn around.  I strive to be fair and honor commitments, and never promise anything I can't deliver."


There are many special features that are standard in all of Jim's homes: wired with Cat V and RG-6 wire for high-speed data communication, air conditioning, garage door openers, dishwashers, microwaves, ceramic tile floors in bathrooms, energy efficient smart wall construction, Andersen windows, Therma-Tru Smooth-Star door systems, exterior Clad Frame systems, Aprilaire set back thermostats, Aprilaire furnace filters, Aristokraft cabinetry and oak trim.


Madison Homes, Inc  places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and air quality, which is why it includes energy efficient furnaces and top-of-the-line filtration systems.  It is a start-to-finish company, including construction financing and designing.



Hip roof gives this home a completely different look.   Photo by Wm. Nieman Photography.


Transom windows give great views both inside and out. Photo by Wm. Nieman Photography.



Covered porch adds to design of the home.   Photo by Wm. Nieman Photography.


Open contemporary kitchens are common with Madison Homes, Inc.   Photo by Wm. Nieman Photography.


Jim Bourne sees the future of the home building industry as very challenging and exciting.  He exclaims, "Home buyers are more educated and sophisticated, wanting new technology in all price ranges.  In turn, this is forcing the industry as a whole to become much better."  He is very grateful to have been selected to represent Madison on the board of directors for the local, state, and national Home Builders Associations.  He feels they are a great source and pool of knowledge.  It helps him be proactive on issues that affect the building industry on both a state and national level.  Networking and building relationships with people in the industry are two of the top benefits he has received from his membership in the builders associations.


In order to handle all the whirlwind activities that take place in the business, Jim has adopted this philosophy:  "I really don't view it as stress;  I thrive on the energy.  Every so often I step back and re-evaluate how I'm running this business.  I have found that a quick fishing trip up north is a great way to do it."


Madison Homes, Inc. has the ability to build homes in all price ranges.  Recently, they have been focused on the $150,000 to $250,000 price range.  No matter what the price, you will find characteristics common to all of them - well designed, and built with quality materials by very skilled craftsmen.  Large or small, they have a distinction both inside and out.


When you take a company with bright, energetic, talented leadership dedicated to building quality homes, backed by a team of talented tradesmen, good things and a bright future are in store.  Spending time with Jim Bourne and seeing his commitment to the building industry makes us realize his goals will be achieved.  Look for Jim and his company to be a prominent player in the southern Wisconsin housing market.  Builder/Architect is pleased to have had the opportunity to feature this company on the rise. "

  Attractive salt box provides cost-effective square footage.  Photo by Wm. Nieman Photography.  









Jim Bourne, President and Owner.

Cell: 608-220-3355

or email Jim to discuss what

Madison Homes can do for you. 



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